Having an outdoor function for your next product launch

17 May 2017
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Having an outdoor product launch can be a great way to distinguish your product launch from other product launches. The fresh air and light can add an extra energy to your event. Here are some tips to help ensure that your outdoor launch is a success. 

Hire a sturdy corporate marquee

Even if the weather forecast for your event is fine it is all too easy to get a surprise wind or rain shower on a sunny day. The marquee also provides some protection from the sun and creates a more diffused light which can look great on the photographs on the event. Make sure that you hire a corporate marquee that includes curtains that can be rolled down to ensure that you have wind protection or rain protection if there is a shower. You can also hire heaters or air conditioning for the marquee if the weather does turn unexpectedly. 

Install a hard floor

Even if you are not planning to have dancing or celebrations, it can be a good idea to have a hard floor installed in the marquee. This means that even if the ground is soft or gets damp from rain or frost, your guests will not be worried about sinking into the ground or dirtying shoes. You can hire these with the corporate marquee and get them installed by the marquee company to ensure everyone can comfortably enter and move around the marquee. 

Organise appropriate lighting

In order to get the best possible products shots and to give the best possible impression of the product it is a good idea to check the lighting. You can use a combination of powered lighting from overhead lights and some battery powered small lights to give the ability to alter the light if the external light is lighter or darker than you initially planned when laying out your product displays. 

Hire an event planner

No matter how well you plan the event, there will be some unexpected issues such as weather or power outages. It is a good idea to have some at the event whose job it is to deal with these issues. That means you are still free to be able to network and chat to the important guests at the function. 

An outdoor product launch can be a great option to showcase your new product. Planning the event correctly can help it to go off without a problem.