Top Tips When Planning a Friends' Reunion

25 November 2019
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Are you planning a friends' reunion? Maybe you want to reconnect with former schoolmates or childhood friends. Below is a comprehensive guide about the various considerations to make when planning a reunion. 

Planning Committee

Ask a few friends to assist in planning the event. The planning committee will create a budget, decide when to hold the reunion and choose a suitable venue. They will also help create a guest list.


The venue should be convenient for everyone. Below are some tips to help you find a venue:

  1. The venue should have adequate amenities. Check the washrooms, available parking space and security levels.
  2. Consider venues with amenities such as swimming pools, board games and camping sites.
  3. Check the weather forecast if you will hold the event outdoors.
  4. The venue must be affordable. Book in advance and ask for discounts. 


Send invites a few weeks in advance. The invite should include the day's program and a map to the reunion venue. Ask guests to confirm their attendance a week before the reunion. Create a group on social media to keep everyone updated about the event. 

Party Hire

Engage a professional party hire company to help with the event. Check the company's reputation to avoid disappointments on the day of the event. Social media and party blogs can be an effective source of such information. Inquire about the services provided. For instance, other than tents and chairs, you would also need décor and audio equipment. Some party hire companies will also organise team building games and entertainment. 

The party hire company should be reasonably priced. Compare quotes from a few companies before making your choice. Inquire about extra charges. For instance, you may have to pay more if the event does not end at the agreed time. Check the company's deposit and cancellation policy. 

Food and Drinks

Hire an experienced caterer to provide food and drinks. Incorporate a variety of foods since your friends have different tastes. For instance, you could have plant and animal proteins to give guests the freedom of choice. Remember to include a few vegetarian meals. Alcoholic drinks should be served as the event comes to a close. An essential aspect of the catering process is food tasting. Take a few friends to the tasting to avoid bias in opinion. 

Planning a friends' reunion is now easy with the above tips. Choose a convenient venue, send invites in advance, engage a professional party hire company and work with an experienced caterer.